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2JZ Swapped BMW E30 Doing Some Fun


The 2JZ swaps are quite common lately, due to the higher power outputs and strong internals, the 2JZ-GTE is one of the best engines ever made. Originally found in the Toyota Supra MK4 (and Toyota Aristo for the Japanese market), this is now a kind of “a must have” engine for every drift car build and this guys from the Czech Republic just doing the perfect BMW E30 drift car – they put a turbo 2JZ in the bimmer 😀


Check out the video and listen to the beautiful sound of this 2JZ swapped BMW E30 doing some sideways around a parked trucks. This is so much fun, if you have a spare 2JZ engine laying around and you’re looking for a car – just found an E30 rolling shell and do this.

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